Diverse Suppliers Win (DSW) Program

A Roadmap to Successfully Help Diverse Businesses leverage their Certification(s) to Win Business and Profit from the Supplier Diversity Initiatives of Corporate America!

The Case for Working with Us!

Why: The process of getting ready, getting into and successfully delivering on these private sector supplier diversity opportunities can be lengthy, frustrating, overwhelming, time consuming, confusing, and costly.

What: Our Diverse Suppliers Program provides the tools and resources for you to successfully leverage your status and certification(s) to Scale Up your business efficiently and effectively.

Process: Together, our team of experienced professionals will provide:

  • Extensive tools, training, coaching and support
  • Education on Supplier Diversity and the Supply Chains of major corporations
  • A customized program to successfully and profitably deliver on all new opportunities

CAPUlse Partners and Diverse Supplier Development Corporation, LLC (DSDC) a Minnesota based consulting firm have partnered to provide a direct and unique experience with helping Diverse Businesses compete and win with Corporate America’s Supplier Diversity programs by leveraging their status and certification(s) to:

  • Prepare to do business with Corporate America
  • Grow into the Supplier Diversity Supply Chains to Win Business
  • Successfully and profitably deliver on all new supplier diversity opportunities

CAPulse Partners/DSDC has comprehensive knowledge of private sector supplier diversity opportunities, and we know what it takes to win business in this space. This unique and direct experience greatly increases the likelihood that your company will succeed in finding, securing, and profitably delivering on these opportunities.

Together, we are committed to helping you leverage your status and certification(s), which will open the door to billions of dollars of supplier diversity initiatives from major corporations.

To schedule an initial assessment to learn more about CAPulse Partners/Diverse Supplier Development Corporation and our unique and innovative Diverse Suppliers Win program, email us at markh@capulsepartners.us or contact one of our team members:

Mark Hollingshead: 315-766-8906 / markh@capulsepartners.us
Gail Cowley: 315-952-0504 / gail@cowleyweb.com
Scott Muenzner: 336-402-5122 /scott@capulsepartners.us